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Working at DEN, FAQs, and Prequalification Process


There are many specific requirements that all subcontractors need to meet to work at DEN related to insurance, badging, airfield access, and more. We've pulled this information into one place so that interested firms can find what they need to know about participating in this project.

To review DEN's official list of Business Requirements, click here:

For HFJV's compiled FAQs on DEN requirements, click here:

For HFJV's Overview of the Onboarding Process for working at DEN, click here: 


Holder-FCI's success is dependent upon selecting high quality trade contractors with project experience, strong safety programs, and financial solvency to perform the work. This is paramount in achieving our goal of delivering a world class airport project.

Holder-FCI will review prequalifications on a trade-by-trade basis for bid packages as they are planned for release to the subcontracting market. Each subcontractor who submits a complete and responsive prequalification statement will receive a letter up to 30 days ahead of a bid package that is pertinent to your scope of work indicating their prequalification status. Contact information for prime or sub-prime prequalified subcontractors will be distributed upon request.

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